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Handyman Services

At Spinx Property Maintenance & Repairs, we offer handyman services for all types of minor repairs and improvements around your property. Whether you need to hang a picture, fix a door knob, install a shelf, or replace a light bulb, we have the skills, tools and experience to handle any handyman job, big or small.

We serve both commercial and residential properties throughout South Africa. We are committed to providing high-quality workmanship, excellent customer service and affordable pricing. We guarantee your satisfaction and peace of mind.
Why choose us for your handyman needs?

  • We have a team of qualified, experienced and licensed handymen who can handle any handyman job, big or small.
  • We are available 24/7 for emergencies and we offer flexible scheduling to suit your needs.
  • We use only the best quality tools and materials that are durable and eco-friendly.
  • We offer free quotes and transparent pricing with no hidden fees or charges.
  • We follow all the safety standards and regulations and we are fully insured against any damages or liabilities.

Here are some of the handyman services we offer at Spinx Property Maintenance & Repairs:

  • Hanging: We can hang any item on your walls or ceilings, such as pictures, mirrors, clocks, curtains, shelves, hooks and more. We can also help you measure, level and align your items for a perfect placement.
  • Fixing: We can fix any item in your property that is broken, loose or damaged, such as door knobs, hinges, locks, handles, drawers, cabinets and more. We can also help you replace any item that is beyond repair with a new one.
  • Installing: We can install any item in your property that requires assembly or installation, such as furniture, appliances, fixtures, blinds, fans and more. We can also help you connect or disconnect any item that requires wiring or plumbing.
  • Replacing: We can replace any item in your property that is old, worn out or outdated, such as light bulbs, batteries, filters, faucets, shower heads and more. We can also help you upgrade any item that is inefficient or unsafe with a new one.

How to contact us for handyman services?

If you need handyman services for your commercial or residential property don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can get a free quote or book a service online by filling out our contact form or by calling us at our phone number. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Don’t let your minor repairs and improvements pile up. Let us handle it right the first time!

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